Adonitology Meaning, Belief And All You Need To Know

Adonitology Meaning

As you are likely to know that religion is a widespread ritual in all of our communities. It’s a an integral part of our life. Because each religion has its specific rules of conduct practices, ethics, and rituals and more. they influence our identity.

How Many Religions Are In The World?

There are currently 4,200 religions around the globe. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many more. One religion that has attracted the interest to many of them is Adonitology.

What Is Adonitology?

Adonitology is an ancient religion in which people worship curvy women’s butts.

Who Founded Adonitology?

Founder of Adonitology

King Adonis, who is the religion’s founder and is believed to be the reincarnated version of God. The religion has more than 20 million followers around the world and is known for its ability to empower women with big butts. It also helps its adherents to attain peace and happiness.


The Adonitology church Adonitology

Like any other religion the jaw-dropping one has its own worship site known as The Church of Adonitology. The Church was established in the reign of King Adonis who was times is referred to as the Heavenly Father.

Adonitology beliefs

According to the website of the church The primary goal that the church has is build an environment that is peaceful and harmony, prosperity and the affection that is the love of Adonis I. The church of King Adonis strives to help curvy women become more confident, assist people in discovering self-love, and acceptance of themselves as well as to spread that love out to communities, families as well as to the entire world in all its entirety.

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Adonitology Meaning

The Book of Adonitology

Like other religions such as Christianity, Islam, have their own books of religion (the Holy Bible and Holy Quran and Holy Quran, respectively) that include the beliefs, practices as well as morals, beliefs as well as prophecies and ethics associated with the faith, as too does Adonitology contain its own book, the Book of Adonitology.
The Book is considered sacred. It is the sole authority and the source for all Adonitology teachings. It also includes the practices, traditions and rituals, ethics and rules of the religion.

When Was The Book of Adonitology Published?

The Book of Adonitology was written by King Adonis and was released under the title The Holy Book of Adonai in the year 2011.


People who adhere to Adonitology are known as Adonitologists. The practice is based on the Adonitology religion, an Adonitologist is an enlightened person who has to have totally transformed their mental state from three evils of the human condition, which include poverty, self-destruction and insanity.

Adonitology meaning

How Many Followers Are In The Religion?

As we have stated earlier, Adonitology has over 20 million followers across the globe. The majority of its followers however, come originated from North as well as South America. A few followers have expanded to other regions of the world , such as those from the U.S., U.K., Greece, Brazil, Asia and Africa.

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