Achievements And Weakness Of The Military Regime In Nigeria

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1. Achievements Of The Military Regime In Nigeria
2. Weakness Of Military Regime In Nigeria
Achievements Of The Military Regime In Nigeria
1, Infrastructural development such as construction of roads, airports, bridges, establishment of institutions etc.
2. The military prevented the country from breaking into units. That was why the Nigeria civil war was fought.
3. The military initiated various programmes armed at improving the economy E.g Iron and Steel industry, Operation Feed The Nation (OFN).
4. The military succeeded in the creating of states and local government council e.g twelve states were created out of the former four regions on may 27, 1967. On 3rd feb 1976, Nineteen states were created by Murtala Mohammed’s administrative.
5. Encouragement of Regional Co-operation through formation of Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) by General Yakubu Gowon and other founding fathers.
6. The military brought about a positive change in the Nigerian foreign policy. E.g By leading the struggle against apartheid and colonialism, thereby making Nigeria a frontline State.
7. Promotion of National Integration through the establishing NYSC, Federal government schools, Quota System etc. NYSC was established in 1973 to bring about National Unity.
8. The creation of new capital territory for the country was during the military administration, Abuja took from Lagos as the new Federal Capital Territory.
9. In April 2nd 1972, Nigeria changed from during the Left hand side to the right hand side.
10. Education took a giant stride during the military rule in Nigeria. E.g Many federal and state universities, polytechnics and colleges of education were set up. The funding of primary education in the country was also taken over by the military then.
6 Weakness Of Military Regime In Nigeria
1. Incompetence Or Inexperience:
The Military Regime was made up of military personnels who lacked both administrative and political experience to govern.
2. Non-Tolerance To Criticism:
The military regime do not tolerate criticism and therefore hostile to such.
3. The military rule by decrees and educt that may not be challenged in any court of law.
4. The Nigeria Civil War:
The military rule was responsible for the civil wat that claimed millions of lives.
5. Violation Of The Right Of Man:
Military rule is mostly noted for violation of the fundamental human rights. People are detained without trial. The death of Ken Sarw citizen and the other eight cogon was a case in point.
6. Corruption:
There was wide spread of corruption among those in the corridors of power. Many of these military men acquire their ill-gotten wealth with impurity.

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