Accented Letters Copy Paste (Lowercase and Uppercase)

Accented letters can be used daily to make it easier for you to add accent marks to letters. You can easily copy-paste accented letters (lowercase and uppercase) into your document using the table below. You can copy-paste accented letters on most word processors like OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Microsoft Word.

uULet us start with the letter u and end with an umlaut
eEA sharp accent on letter e
AALetter A with circumflex accent
AALet it be a letter with an umlaut
AALetter A with a grave accent
AALet it be a letter with a ring
eELetter e accented with circumflex
eELetter e with umlaut
eEWith a grave accent, letter e
iILetter i with umlaut
iILetter i accented with circumflex
iILetter i with a grave accent
AALettuce A with umlaut
AALetter A with a Ring
EEA sharp accent on Letter E
oOLetter o accented with circumflex
oOLetter o with umlaut
oOLetter o with a grave accent
uULetter u accented with circumflex
uUA grave accent on the letter u
yYLetter y with diaeresis
OOLetter O with umlaut
UULettuce U with umlaut
AUA letter with an acute accent
iIA sharp accent on Letter i
oOA sharp accent on the letter o
uUA sharp accent on the letter u
nNLetter n with tilde

You can also use the shortcut windows to avoid having to copy and paste accented characters. You can create a code for each character on your computer by pressing the ALT key, followed by a three-digit number. All of these numbers are listed below.

You must use the numeric keyboard on the Right side of the keyboard to type the numbers. Continue holding down the Alt Key until you have completed the desired code. Then release.

ASCIIKeyboard shortcut
A0194alt – 0194
A0192alt + 0292
A0196alt +0196
A0197alt + 197
A0195alt + 195
C0199alt + 199
E0201alt +0201
E0200alt – 0200
E0202alt +0202
E0203alt +0203
I0206alt +0206
I0207alt +0207
O0212alt +0212
O0214alt +0214
O0213alt +0213
U0219alt +0219
U0220alt – 0220
U0217alt +0217
U0218alt +0218
AE0198alt + 198
C0199alt + 199

You can also set your computer to English international settings if you don’t want the copy-paste feature. This allows me to:

  • Right Alt key +e =
  • Right Alt key +a =
  • Right Alt key +e =
  • Right Alt key + O= o
  • Right Alt key +n=
  • Right Alt key +=?
  • Right Alt key +!=
  • Just Alt key, shift+”, then u =u. (This is 4 keystrokes).

You won’t find keypads at the sides of a smaller notebook computer. This alternative method of using the Alt key and the numbers won’t work. To speed up your work, it is better to just copy and paste accent letters.

Additionally, if a QWERTY US keyboard is set up as US-International, then the right apostrophe (“‘”) is used to treble accent everything. The backtick (“”) is for the grave accent, just like the hat (), is for the circumflex accent.

Also, the apostrophe can be used to make a cedilla. To put umlauts, you need to use the right quote. These features are easier than using numeric combinations with AL. Developers will find the QWERTYUS keyboard easier to use because it is easier to access the characters [].

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