9 techniques you can use to earn extra income with a day job

As the days go by, people start realizing earning money online is not a myth and is happening. Nobody wants to be left out in this great opportunity, but I hear most people say making money online takes time, and they don’t have much time because of their 9-5 day Job, but instead of trying blogging or a youtube channel which takes some time and effort why don’t you go for smaller online jobs.

In the early days of making money online, I literally watched half of the make money online videos on YouTube, each having its own flaws. But I’ve handpicked some of the shortest and time conserving techniques to make money online.

As I have tried countless make money online methods on the internet during my two year period of learning to make money online, I know the one that best fits you if you’re looking to make money online while having a day job


  1. Recommend names and ideas and earn money


This method I love so much, all you have to do is recommend good names and product ideas, and you will get paid $25-$250+ in 5 minutes. Brands and individuals may be looking for the next idea for their newest product or a name for their product, and all it takes is 5 minutes to answer, and if they choose you or you are part of the top people chosen, you will earn lots of money.

As this method is so easy, I have also tried it, and I can tell you it’s very time conservative. It can even be done in less than 7 minutes while taking a ride home from your day job. Most campaigns are more than $100 and an average of $250 for winners and can take more than five winners, which means you don’t have to suggest that you don’t have to suggest the best name/idea, I used NamingForce, and I think you should try that site also.


  1. Email Marketing


Email Marketing is simply sending a commercial message to someone. Email Marketing is not competitive, which gives newbies a chance to earn more rather than struggling with elites.

To start Email Marketing, you don’t necessarily need to have a website or blog, though having that can intensify the process. However, it’s still very possible to thrive in Email Marketing without a blog. To start earning with Email Marketing, the first step is to:


  • Get a reliable Email Marketing platform
  • Build your list
  • Start monetizing your list

To monetize your Email list, you can add an affiliate link, place banner ads or even create a sponsored content, See More.


  1. Solve Captcha for money


What Is Captcha:- Captcha is a challenge test created to determine whether or not the user is human.


Captcha solving may not be the shortest, but it sure is the easiest way to earn money online with a day job because all you need to do is solve captchas. Even a 5-year-old child can perform this task because you have to type the text you see or click the images you are directed to, like a taxi, I have tried this method, and it works. Captcha solving pay as little as $1 for 1,000 captchas solved, This can be done anytime which means, you don’t need to finish 1,000 in one sitting, but it saves when you finish one Captcha, which means you can solve one Captcha per 30 minutes 😁.


  1. Watch videos for money.


If you’re a movie lover or you watch thrilling videos for fun, you need to take advantage of both your time and money. Advertisers pay to get an AD on a video you watch, and just by watching the short advertisement while watching a video, you can earn money. Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, and an AD appears, most of the money goes to the publisher, which is the creator of the content. It’s not a bad idea, but why not go to Inbox Dollars and earn money for every video you watch online.


  1. Write an ebook/online course.


If you know how to do something creative or have a skill or a great idea, you could earn from that by writing that in an EBook or creating an online course telling them what you know. Publishing an Ebook can be done conjointly with Email Marketing and yield greater results.

You can sell your EBooks on Payhip or Amazon KDP, and you can also sell your online courses on Skillshare or Udemy.


  1. Complete short tasks


Completing short tasks is simple and as the name implies app you need to earn is to complete short tasks. Though completing short tasks can pay as little as $0.10, they are simple tasks like subscribing to a channel or following someone on social media, higher tasks like writing long reviews or downloading an app can pay between $1-$3.

To get started, you can visit sites like pico-workers, microworkers or rapid workers.


  1. Answer group/forum questions


Answering group/forum questions is a method to make money online I still use currently. It may not seem lucrative to make money online, but I have earned a lot from that. I mostly earn from that by giving valuable answers to questions, including my blog or affiliate link. You can join a Facebook group or visit Quora to get started.


  1. Test websites and apps


Sometimes when a new app/website is released, brands and companies want to know your thoughts and opinions about it and also to see the performance, so they let the public test the creation before being officially released, they usually don’t pay well because of the large number of people participating, but the pay is still good enough for some people, if you are consistent you can earn a lot from this, while I tried this method some months ago I used a site called.

UserTesting, but you can use others like WhatUserDo.


  1. Become an influencer


Becoming an influencer is a lucrative way to earn money and is not as easy as it seems. Becoming an influencer is not about posting your fancy shoes or uploading your latest pictures. On the contrary, influencers impact the behaviour of their followers after building their reputation and expertise. As an influencer, your focus should not be on the money, but you can also help your followers by adding an affiliate link to a helpful product in your niche.




If you want to start earning online but have a day job, there’s no need to quit your day job because the methods listed above are time conservative. You also have to play your part to avoid conflicting with your day job by overdoing it.

These methods are fast and do not pay too low, and if you eventually feel you’re ready to make money online full time, you can quit your 9-5 job as I did; otherwise, strive to be the best in whatever you do, making money online might not just be the best option for you.


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