4 Tips to cure low affiliate earnings

Do you have low affiliate earnings or little to no affiliate sales?

Wondering how to increase affiliate revenue and sales?


In this article, you’ll find four tips to cure low affiliate earnings.


What is affiliate marketing, and why should I care?


One of the most straightforward and lucrative ways to make money online is affiliate marketing because it is very profitable and easy to get started.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending a product to others and earning a commission when the third party purchases a product or service.


Affiliate marketing is easy to start and doesn’t require any formal education to start. First, you need to find a profitable affiliate program to join, and then you will get a link called the affiliate link, which you will use to promote the product. All you need to do is post your affiliate link where you have an audience like on social media. If you are an influencer in the niche and you have a following, it becomes even better because all you have to do is post or tweet your affiliate link with some lines of text showing what it is and why they should get it.


Affiliate marketing is very profitable, as I said earlier and is very easy to start, and here are reasons why:



Now let’s look at how to cure low affiliate earnings.


1:  Utilize paid AD


Whenever you can’t reach your ideal audience organically, paid ads are a good alternative to get your affiliate product to the potential buyers you need. For illustration, I will be using Google ADs in this method. Reaching your ideal audience is not an expensive path to take, and in fact, the last Google Display AD I ran got me 520 clicks for just $40, which is about $0.08 per click.

Every click on Google AD is high quality and has a high conversion rate. Though there are also other high-quality advertising platforms to try out, you should always go for the best quality and not the best price.


I in the early days of affiliate marketing experienced something similar. I was looking for a very cheap advertising platform so I could have more money at hand, and at that point in time, I thought I was wise but little did I know that I was playing around and killing my time. I went for advertising platforms with CPCs of less than $0.002, and I was getting clicks but no sales or a lead. I was always furious contacting my affiliate managers telling them their tracking system was defective because I was getting 1000+ clicks but 0 sales, and until I got expedited due to the time lost, I then decided to try quality advertising platforms like Google and Facebook ADs, and I started earning decent commissions from sales through affiliate marketing.


Narrow down your AD targeting


To increase your chance of getting potential buyers or leads for whatever you advertise, you have to narrow down your audience. In other words, you have to trim your audience to the ones who are likely to show interest in whatever you’re offering. With popular advertising platforms, you can filter your audience to even their interests.


You don’t want to be promoting your affiliate product to the wrong audience. For example, advertising a restaurant in New York to someone in California or advertising a ladies gown to a male. It’s most likely that the AD campaign wouldn’t convert and then lead to little to zero ROI. What you want to do in that instance is to filter your audience by location and gender. Some other great filters you can use to narrow down your AD audience are demographics, interests, recent activities, affinity, household income, or you could try retargeting.


  1. Consider the CPL payout model.


CPS is the most prominent and rewarding affiliate model where you have to make a sale before receiving a commission but have you tried the CPL (Cost Per Lead) model, instead of waiting to make a sale before receiving a commission, you could more than $100 by sending a potential customer to your affiliate offer, the user can submit their email, sign-up to your affiliate offer or any other form of subscription before you generate a commission, CPL commissions are most times smaller than generating a sale, many CPL offers pay more than $250 per lead, and some pay less than $1, nevertheless CPL offers are still very easy to generate most times and is very profitable if exploited properly.

  1. Hire influencers in your niche


Influencer marketing is potent and may not seem to be as cheap as you may want it to be, for starter and intermediate affiliate marketers, you can hire influencers within the range of 1k-100k followers who will charge around $10-$500 per post, for pro affiliate marketers you can go for influencers with 100k-1m+ followers for $500-$10k+, to find influencers in your niche you need to go to an influencer marketplace like Intellifluence or izea. Creators have impacted businesses, with over  67.8% of US marketers from companies with 100 or more employees using influencer marketing in 2021.


  1. Sponsor a blog post


Sponsored Posts are paid editorials or content. Companies like to pay for their content to be published on some other high traffic and high authority websites. Prices for sponsored posts can vary from $5-$1000 or more. The price of a sponsored post can be affected by the website authority, quality and traffic. High traffic and authority sites are likely to get more value than low or medium quality sites. In a sponsored blog post, advertising is usually done indirectly instead of the usual advertisements we see like the “Buy Now” or the “Special Offer”, sponsored posts are promoted most times by telling the user the benefits of the product, and why they should purchase it, it can also be used to create a potential subscription which can eventually convert to a sale in subsequent days.




Low affiliate earnings are usually obtained when you don’t make use of the right strategy or you don’t have enough skills or time. Above are four tips to cure low affiliate earnings that are actually very conserving. That way, you can have a day job and promote affiliate offers conjointly.


Try one or more of those tips to promote your affiliate product and share your results in the comments section.


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