15 Self Employment Business Ideas In Zimbabwe

What are the self-employment business ideas in Zimbabwe?
Today we’re going to show you 15 Self-employment business ideas in Zimbabwe to do.
Zimbabweans have been indulging in these businesses and they have fetched for themselves millions over the years.
15 Self Employment Business Ideas In Zimbabwe
(1) Frying Food Business: Here in Zimbabwe this business grows fast since it consumed daily
and also cheap to operate/run and buy. Such include the frying of (Beans Cake), Eggroll, meat pie, yam chips frying, plantain frying, fried rice etc.
1. 1.It’s does not need much capital to run it.
2. 2.Get your frying pot or pan, get your flying spoon, mortar & pistol, get those necessary floors etc.
3.location is never a problem you can call even start it in your house if You can do it good people will look for you no matter the location.
(2) Water Mellon Business: Wow, if you have ever tasted watermelon and ask for me it’s the business am talking about. It sales more in dry season and people get it in an affordable price depending on your pocket to afford either less or more.
(3) Shoe Maker Business/Production: People wear shoes on a daily basis for their various
business and shoes have problems also on a daily basics If you obtain training on how to produce shoes and repair you can get materials from it main market.
(4) Restaurant Business: This is another self employment business in zimbabwe that will always be and it pays well.
The only time it will not pay is once the world sizes to exist, because people eat in a daily
basics. Opening a restaurant fetches you cool in come daily so W recommend it too if you are
good in it or obtain training and start very fast.
(5) Soap Production: If you can manipulate chemicals and turn it to soap then this is your
time. Now I don’t mean doing silly acts that will kill people or be offensive to the skin all I
mean is that go obtain a 3 or 6 months training and be certified to produce those soaps. If
people bath daily then you will make thousands daily too.
(6) Cosmetics Business: If you can produce cosmetics you can as well make money.
(7) Online Registration: This business does not need you owning a cyber cafe. You can rent an open space outside at a cheaper price usually yearly payments and start registering people for any online stuffs.
(8) Fruits Business: This business is self-explanatory all you need to do is get to villages
or communities Such goods can be gotten in a cheaper price buy more get to spot it is in high
demand and start making your money. There are some foreign fruits that sale fast in Zimbabwe. Get to know them import them and start making: -$ money.
(9) Craftsmanship: are you good in craft then you can produce craft and sale such as raffia
chairs, wooden plates & cups, such can be supplied in event’s like wedding (traditional
marriage). Also you can school people on it and charge them a fee.
(10) Data and Vouchers Business: Data business, you subscribe or purchase huge data bundle plan from your service provider (resale pack) and distribute to people at a cheaper rate
compared to the ISP [internet service provider] offer for more patronage. Also talking about
voucher or airtime you can buy in bulk in a cheaper price and sale out and make your
money daily. Doing this type of business pays on daily and monthly basis.
(11) Laundry Service: This business anybody can do it, so while folding your arms complaining of no work, blaming the government will not help rather putting a thought over this might go a long way to help.
All you need do is get a washing machine, rent a space or start in your house if there is no money for renting a shop and start washing and ironing people’s clothes for a fee.
(12) Salon Business: It can be a barbing salon or hair salon. For Barbing salon; Get a shop, open a saloon and cut people’s hair for a fee. But you must get trained to make it better. For Hair Salon; This fit women most but due to exposure, and technology in today’s century anybody can
do anything. If you have been trained, then you are good to go but if not rush now because
there Is good money in it.
(13) Home and Events Decoration: events decoration is a very lucrative business we recommend anyone to venture into. If you are good at this you could be earning money daily decorating events, like burial place, marriages, programs etc. for a fee.
(14) Oil and Gas Business: We’re happy you are here reading this, All you need to do is get
to mega stations and purchase either fuel, kerosene or cooking gas in wholesale package for a reduce rate and resale and start making money. Usually if you have old stocks you could still sale at the same price or higher
especially if its limited in supply and make cool income.
(15) Phones/Laptop Sales Repairs: Phone/Laptop repairers are making it in Zimbabwe. All you have to do is get a proper training, get your tools, get a space, fix your banner and see the influx of people especially if you can do it well.
In the end, this segment have talked about what you can lay your hands on and kill hunger.
That is, 15 Self-employment business ideas in Zimbabwe to do.

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