11 Limitations Of Sovereignty

Factors that can limit the exercise of government power are:

1. International Law: International laws, conventions and treaties impose limitations on sovereignty of a country. States abide by the international laws for the interest of word peace.

2. Influence Of Pressure Groups: They exert influence on the sovereignty of even elected government.

3. Influence Of Powerful Nations: Powerful nations like USA and Russia influence the external sovereignty of the smaller and weaker nations.

4. External Aids: The external sovereignty of poverty stricken nations is mortgaged for economy, military and technical aids (assistance).

5. The Supremacy Of The Constitution: This limits the sovereignty of the state as nobody is above the law.

6. Customs And Traditions Of The People Impose serious limitations on the sovereignty of the state.

7. Coup D’ etat forceful take over of government coups limits the sovereignty of the state.

8. Membership of international organization of which many countries belong, places limitations to the sovereignty of the member states.

9. Complexities Of Modern Government: This has led to the delegations of power to other bodies and reduce the extent powers which are concentrated on one body and thereby limiting powers.

10. The Electorate: They possess ultimate power in a state. Therefore any government should be responsible to the people whose collective affairs it directs and controls.

11. Public Opinion: In democracy, Government are open and accommodating, They take into consideration. The opinion of the people when formulating policies hence a limitation of the exercise of their powers.

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