100 Business Ideas In Nigeria

There are different business ideas in Nigeria which are known to be profitable, and as time goes on, more trending businesses are coming up day by day in Nigeria. And what makes a business profitable is the location and the strategies used in running the business.

You can’t open a business in a location where the services or products are not needed, that is why your choice of location really matters a lot.

Nigeria which is officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with more than 205 million inhabitants. Which means, doing business in Nigeria can yield profitability since there are huge number of inhabitants.

Are you looking for the best business ideas in Nigeria? Then here is this article, we have written 100 profitable business ideas in Nigeria. We will discuss the business ideas based on the following:

  1. Home Business Ideas In Nigeria
  2. Hot Business Ideas In Nigeria
  3. Online Business Ideas In Nigeria
  4. Business Ideas In Nigeria Wiith Low Capital
  5. Side Business Ideas In Nigeria
  6. Agricultural Business Ideas In Nigeria
  7. Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas In Nigeria

Every business ideas written here is as a result of research done by us. And we strongly believed that these business ideas when carefully followed can be a game changer.

However, there are some requirements needed before starting a business in Nigeria, you will need to conduct a feasibility study of the business to know it market status, competitions and marketing strategies for the business.

List Of Business Ideas In Nigeria

Here are top 100 best business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria:

Home Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Home Bakery

This is one of the profitable business ideas in Nigeria for those that enjoy baking. Baking business has grown rapidly in Nigeria. Although starting a home bakery business might not come easy, but with good business plan you will be on the path of blooming successfully.

To start a home bakery, you will to buy the needed equipment and other working tools to start operating.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is another home business idea in Nigeria that is considered to be lucrative.

Freelancing involves using your skills and experience to render services to your clients. This gives you the opportunity to become your own boss as you set your own working hour and working by yourself.

Any freelancer is not seen as employees by the company or organizations they worked for, rather they are seen as contractors.

When starting a freelancing services you should be aware of the pros and cons involved in it and be ready to accept any challenges that comes your way.

Here are some of the freelancing jobs you can consider: writing, Ebok writer, Editing, Customer service, copywriter, Ghostwriter, proofreader, logo designer, cartoon services, website builder, App development, etc.

3. Cake Business

Cake is a type of food made from flour, sugar and other ingredients, it is a sweet dessert that is typically baked. Cake is among the most consumed snacks in Nigeria.

There is always high demand of cake every weekend as events like birthday, wedding, anniversary are always taking place weekly. Before you become a cake baker you need to undergro training and have the idea about baking cake. Be prepared to make sacrifices and working seriously with your time if you want your cake business to be successful.

4. Hair Salon

The need for hair services is growing in all the states in Nigeria. Looking good is a good business. The beauty of this business is that you can start it from home.

The competition in this business tills a lot how profitable it can be to start a hair salon business. It might sound easy to get started but it requires lot of research, skills and right knowledge to run and maintain the business.

5. Nylon Production

In Nigeria, Nylon production business have always been on the rise. This business is very lucrative and very easy to start. You can decide to become distributor, retailer or even a producer. You can operate this business from home.

6. Provision Store

This type of business is also known as Grocery store business. Opening a provision store is a profitable business idea in Nigeria since there is fast growing population. Some started this business only to stop halfway due to lack of business etiquette.

However, you need to understand the market and know the various ways to mitigate risks. It is very important to conduct a feasibility study before venturing into it.

7. Restaurant Business

When searching for the list of business ideas in Nigeria, you must surely see a restaurant business.

Restaurant business is a trending business in Nigeria, due to the high demand of food a daily business, restaurant business is seen as a profitable venture for Nigerians.

One of the greatest factor to consider when starting a restaurant business is choosing a good location. The business environment should be easy to access of course, it is best to locate near institutions, offices, motor parks, markets, etc. Because this are areas with high demand of food on a daily basis.

8. Printing Press

The printing business is highly profitable for individuals who are passionate about starting it. The printing business can never be an old format business because it services are always needed on a daily basis.

This business is not what an individual can just hury in without the foundamental knowledge of the business. And you need to be updated to know the latest trends in the industry.

9. Web Designing

Every big and small business knows that web designing services are essential in all online businesses and even in organizations. You can make good money in Nigeria offering a web designing services to individuals, organizations and even to big companies.

10. Graphic Designing

If you are looking for design businesses in Nigeria, then you have to consider Graphic designing. Graphic designing is the most popular business ideas in Nigeria that anyone can start.

Graphic designs are mostly done with symbols, colour, topography, imagery and sketch which delivers a message which humans can easily comprehend. Graphic designing can be profitable depending on the high level of creativity which the graphic designers posses.

Hot Business Ideas In Nigeria

11. Catering Services

This is one of the hot business ideas in Nigeria. A lot of people are doing much great in this business and still more people are joining and doing well too.

Catering services requires lots of commitment to thrive as it is very competitive. It requires careful packaging and branding your business in the sense that your services are hygienic for the safety of your customers. Ensure to provide valuable services like good and delicious meals, good presentation and satisfying your customers.

12. Laundry Business

Some Nigerian’s do ask “What are the hot business ideas in Nigeria?”. But do you know that laundry business is among the business ideas in Nigeria that are profitable.

Starting a laundry business in Nigeria is very lucrative since there is high demand for cleaning services. This kind of business is very viable and with the right planning starting a laundry business can be an exciting way to make money in Nigeria.

13. Block Industry

Block industry is among the common business we can see in all areas in Nigeria. There is rapid increase in building constructions, and so as the demand for blocks is also on increase. Starting your own block industry in Nigeria will give you an opportunity to be independent.

14. Car Wash

If you are looking for a business idea to start in Nigeria, you should also consider car wash business. Car wash business is a profitable business in Nigeria. That can fetch reasonable amount of money when manage well.

15. Starting A Cinema

Opening a cinema in Nigeria will be totally successful, if you follow the right step. Although there are many challenges in maintaining a cinema in Nigeria, but when you follow the required steps then the profitability or the outcome will be positive. You have to learn the pros and cons of the of the industry.

Ensure that you conduct a market research at your area to know the booming things which people might find their interest in.

16. Barbing Salon Business

Of course, barbing salon business will continously be in vogue and will always bring in money in as much as it is being managed well.

Nevertheless, it is very important to consider this business as it is highly profitable. A residental area will be needed when establishing your own barbershop.

17. Tailoring Business

If you love sewing, you may consider starting a tailoring business in Nigeria. Keep in mind that opportunities revolves in a tailoring business which ranges from dressmaking, clothing repair, customer design, embroidery special occassion clothing.

If you have the time and most especially “creativity”, then starting your own tailoring business could be for you.

18. FoodStuff Business

Selling foodstuff is one of the most incrative business idea in Niggeria. Foodstuff business deals with what we eat, example; beans, corn, rice, millet, etc. You can decide to start as a wholesaler by buying in large quantities and resaling to retailers or directly to the consumers.

You can as well decide to start as a retailer by buying directly from the wholesaler and selling to the consumers. Decide on the foodstuff you can sell and get started.

19. Starting A Creche

Starting a crache is another way of making money while rendering your services to children operating a Creche in Nigeria has lots of profitability to unleash thereby earning you money in return. Choose a good name for your creche, and follow the needed requirements to establish a crechein Nigeria.

20. Clothing Line

If you want to start a clothing line business in Nigeria, you will first learn the skills and have the experience on how the clothing line business works. Never the less, you will need a location where there are potential custormers and fashion enthusiasts.

Online Business Ideas In Nigeria

21. Blogging

If you have enough capital to invest, starting a blogging business is a profitable idea to invest in the online sector.

22. Information Marketing

Information marketing is the fastest way of making money online in Nigeria. Information marketing deals with selling information to people to solve their problems. It is usually in the following format semmars, Ebooks, webiners, online video caurse, etc.

23. Starting A Dating Site

Online dating is one of the social activities that has grown dramatically in Nigeria. It is worth considering in Nigeria.

24. Forex Trading Services

Another great business idea in Nigeria is offering a forex trading services to individuals and changing them for it.

25. Social Media Influence

Being a social media influence is another online business idea in Nigeria that has risen over the years. And the are being leverage by brands and companies. Also consider this when looking for business ideas in Nigeria.

26. Online Book Store Business

Starting an online book store business is a profitable business venture, and can yield profit depending on how serious you are as an entreprenuer, and the level of your marketing strategy.

27. Instagram Influencer

This business idea is under social media infuencer. Many people are making it on instagram. You can still analyze this idea and get started.

28. Selling On Ebay

If you enjoy selling items, you can leverage the opportunity provided by ebay. First you have to register an ebay account, and create a listing for the items you want to sell. This is one of the online business ideas in Nigeria that is gradually thriving.

29. Online Hotel Booking Business

Hotel booking business happens to be one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria. When you are planning to open your own online hotel looking business, it will be important to niche out the type of booking reservation you are going to offer.

30. Virtual Assistant

If you are looking to work independently and build your own freedom, becoming a virtual assistant can give your that opportunity.

31. Starting An Ecommerce Store

Although running an Ecommerce store doesn’t come easy since there are many other e-commerce store in competitions. The e-commerce industry has experience a rapid growth over the years, and it will take huge capital to establish a successful e-commerce in Nigeria.

32. Starting An Online School

You can provide teaching services online. Online education is tremendeusly increasing. Plan your lessons and fix them on your site. Better still, an online school is one of the easiest businesses you can start in Nigeria.

33. Starting A Social Network

Find the right tools and follow the guidelines needed to make such platform. Starting a social network from scratch is not that easy. You will have to register a domain, start a web hosting and the build your social media site.

You cant do this on your own, you will need the services of software developers that have the knowledge on how to develop the needed features.

34. Dropshipping

When searching for business ideas in Nigeria, you should as well consider dropshipping business. Many people are very scared of starting an on line business in Nigeria maybe because of the starting capital.

Dropshipping business is a low investment business in Nigeria you can take advantage of.

35. Buying And Selling Domains

Buying and selling domains is another way of makiing money online in Nigeria. You should know the right places to buy domains from, where to sell your domains, cost of selling the domains and how to transfer the domain to your buyer.

If you are intrested in making money online, buying and selling domains can be a nice business idea for you.

36. SEO Consultant

If you are an expert in search Engine optimization (SEO), then you can consider becoming an SEO consultant.

37. Photography services

If you love taking photos, you should consider starting your own photography business. There are so many fan involves in photography business besides just having a kit and a good camera. The photography business is still vaible in Nigeria.

38. Online Gaming Business

Nigerian gaming industry is worth millions of dollars and there have been a robust growth over the past few years. Therby, starting an online gaming business is another way of making money online in Nigeria.

39. Affiliate Marketing

There are many online business ideas in Nigeria. And when listing them, Affiliate marketing is among the top 10 online business ideas in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is a program designed for online marketers who desired to make money online. For every product sale you made you earn a percentage known as “Affiliate sales commision”.

40. Online Tutoring class

If you are passionate about education, you might decide to open your own online tutoring class. When you establish an online tutoring class, you set up your working hours, and having an excellent way to support your clients. This gives you an opportunity to beconme your own boss.

Business Ideas In Nigeria With Low Capital

41. Frozen Food Business

The frozen food business is now becoming profitable every day by day. There have been a rice on the demand for frozen food. There are some certain things to put in place before starting a frozen food business. One of the major factor to consider is a steady electricity.

42. Shawarma Business

Starting a shawarma business is absolutaly a nice idea to consider because it is a goldmine that is currently fetching lots of money no matter the scale you startt with. You need a good business plan to get started.

43. T-shirt Business

T-shirts are popular wears in Nigeria. If you are looking for business ideas in Nigeria with low capital, Then you should consider T-shirt printing and sales of T-shirys.

45. Setting Up A Hatchery

You need to have the knowledge before thinking of starting a hatchery business. That is why the first Fundamental step to take is to draw up a hatchery business plan to determine how you are going to set up a hatchery.

45. Recharge Card Printing Business

people recgarge their phones on a daily and weekly basis because they need to send messages, make calls and for subscription. That is why you should take the advantage of starting your own recharge card printing business.

46. Cassava Farming

With the increase use of cassava products in Nigeria, cassava Farming is becoming more profitable every day. And most importantly, it it a business idea in Nigeria with low capital.

47. Jewelry Business

The business of buying and selling jewelres is very profitable in Nigeria, because it is a product desired by all. Determing your target customers will help you become successful in this venture.

48. Perfume Business

With a wide growing market in Nigeria, The perfume business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria. The first ruule in this business is to have a solid business plan. And there are two main ways of starting a perfume business. You can decide to buy and resell or as well making your own perfume.

49. Opening A Bar

You can start a bar business with little capital and grow big.
There are different types of bars which you have to choose one for startup. Every consideration is solely dependent on your capital.

50. Starting A Wine Shop

Opening a wine store (shop) in Nigeria requires you to have the knowledge and know the needed requirements to make it successful. And one important factor to consider before opening a wine shop is the business location. You need to site your like shop in a busy area.

Side Business Ideas In Nigeria

51. Teaching

Education welcome teachers who are experienced and would love to share their knowledge to students. You may decide to work part time and also have time for other businesses.

52. Egg Distribution

When searching for side business ideas in Nigeria, you can still leverage the opportunity in egg distribution business. This business is certainly one of the fastest ways of making money in Nigeria. There is huge demand for eggs, which guarantees you of making profit from this business.

53. Event Planning

Gain the experience by working on a good event planning business. Of course, you need to understand the basis, pros and cons of the business before thinking of starting one.

54. Real Estate Business

Real estate business is among the most profitable and lucrative business in Nigeria. There are lots of money to make by investing in real estate. Although, there are lots of challenges and difficulties, put nevertherless, if the processes taken is well established, then you will successfully make it.

55. Palm Oil Business

Apart from using palm oil for cooking, it can also be used for making things like cosmetiics, creams, soda soap, margarine, drug production, etc. When handled well, there will always be profitability because the market is continuously booming.

56. Recycling Business

Note everyone knows the profitability involved in this because, the truth is that recycling business is now beginning to gain ground in Nigeria. Choose the recycling business idea (niche) and start working towards it.

57. Cement Business

Despite how we see the economy of Nigeria, there are lots of building construction going on in daily basis. This means that venturing into cement business can be profitable since there is high demand of it on daily and weekly basis.

58. Mini Importation

Importantly, if you want to make it fast in this business, then you must focus on products which are mostly needed. It is no longer a new trend in Nigeria that this business is worth investing. Import fast selling products and see how you will have rapid increase in profits.

59. Cosmetic Business

Cosmetic business is a side idea business in Nigeria, you can start with little capital. Running a cosmetic business in Nigeria is worth it, as every lady needs it for beautification. This business is really an interesting one since it dosen’t requires millions of naira to get started.

60. Ice Block Making

Ice block making business involves producing ice blocks and selling them to retailers or consumers for daily use. You know sometimes there are lack of electricity for Grocery store owners or other store owners to cool their drinks, waters, etc. That is why ice block making business is a goldmine in Nigeria.

There are lots of competitions on this business, thats why you need to work smart and map out your marketing strategies before getting started.

Agricultural Business Ideas In Nigeria

61. Mushroom Farming

Starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria can be profitable depending on the processes followed to etablish the farm. Mushroom farming is also regarded among the most lucrative agricultural business idea in Nigeria.

62. Soybeans Farming

Nigeria is known to be the largest producer of soybeans in Africa. Soybeans is a crop eaten all over Nigeria in one way or the other. There is a growing demand for soybeans both locally and international. You should leverage this opportunity.

63. Pig Farming

Should we say that pig farming is the most lucrative agricultural venture in Nigeria? Of course, it is, due to it profitability in Nigeria. If you get to catures and hotels you will confirm the pork meat is high in demand. Pig farming has lots of advantages as it contributes to the countries economy.

64. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming business will continue to be the best farming business idea in Nigeria. Research has shown that poultry farming has lots of profitability as it is greatly turning people from ordinary to extra-ordinary millions. Before starting a poultry business, you will first need to choose a niche.

65. Cashew Farming

Cashew farming business is a long term investment idea in Nigeria. If you are interested in starting a cashew farm, you will first choose a variety, because there are three major varieties of cashew nut. The three varieties include, the brazilian cashew, chinese cashew and the indean cashew. We also have hybird cashew which is said to mature and produce fruits within three years.

66. Plantain Plantation

Do you know that plantains sell very fast in markets?. Plantain farming is an easy to start agricultural business with lots of month-watering benefits. When searching for the best business ideas in Nigeria, you should also analyze this business too.

67. Banana Farming

Just like plantain farming, starting a banana farming business in Nigeria is not a bad idea since it has high return on investment.

68. Snail Farming

The simplest agricultural business in Nigeria, is snail farming. And the important of all is that you can start this venture with little capital. There are many things to consider before starting a profitable snail farming in Nigeria which are getting the needed training, business plan, housing and marketing strategies.

69. Fish Farming

You have to decide whether you will start on large scale or small scale. Backyard fish farming is recommended for small scale fish farming. And a large scale you will have to buy or rent fish ponds for your business.

70. Rice Farming

Rice is among the popular crops in Nigeria. If you are looking for a lucrative agribusiness opportunity, you should consider starting a rice farm in Nigeria. It is no longer a secret that rice farming business provides lots of promising opportunities.

71. Goat Farming

Raising goat can be profitable way of making money through agriculture in Nigeria. This business is indeed a lucrative venture for anyone who can take it serious. Goat farming business entails rearing of goats for commercial purposes.

72. Maize Farming

Maize farming is another business idea in Nigeria that is thriving. Maize is rated among the productive crops in Nigeria where the rainfall is moderate and with adequate sunshine. It need to be balanced to prevent much damage from pests.

Maize matures very fast, at least 3 to 4 months of planting, it should be surely ready for harvest. In fact, starting a maize farm in Nigeria doesn’t cost much.

73. Rabbit Farming

Through rabbit meat isn’t that popular unlike poultry meat, goat meat, and pork meat. But all the same starting a rabbit farm can be profitable.

74. Cucumber Farming

Cucumber is a fruit eaten by all in Nigeria. Cucumber farming can be so easy to start, and doesn’t involve much money, and as the case maybe, there are lots of profit to be made.

75. Ginger Business

This iis a lucrative agricultural farming business in Nigeria. Ginger are usually grown for its culinary uses and medicinal attributes. When starting a ginger farm, you should know that warm and humid. The weather conditions needed.

76. Honey Business

Honey production business is a profitable venture in Nigeria and mostly requires low capital for startup. Honey is a hot selling commodity because it is needed for its skincare production and medicinal value. The markets keeps on expanding, this provides lots of opportunities for aspirring individuals who wants to venture into honey production.

A honey production business is a million dollar venture.

77. Pineapple Farming

Nigeria is among the largest producer of pineapple in Africa. Pineapple is indeed a goldmine in Nigeria especially when managed well. Pineapple farming is worthy of investment in Nigeria.

78. Yam Production

The first step to consider before starting a yam production is to acquire land for farming. You can rent or buy lands depending on your budget.

79. Pawpaw Farming

Getting suitable land is always the first step to consider before planting of pawpaw. In case your budget isn’t enough, you can as well rent land for such farming. Ensure that the soil type is suitable for growing pawpaw. Get the site ready by clearing the weeds and burning them.

80. Vegetable Farming

Vegetable leaf farming is indeed one of the business ideas in Nigeria that are worthy of investment. The demand for vegetables in the markets is even one of the reason to make you start one in Nigeria.

Starting a vegetable farming in Nigeria comes very easy. You can start one at your backyard on a small scale, or even start a commercial vegetable farming if you really want to make it big.

81. Sweet Potato Farming

Potato is a popular food crop in Nigeria irrespective of the location. Over the years and even more years to come, there have been a robust demand for sweet potatoes. You can decide to target the local markets or focus on exporting sweet potatoes.

82. Tomato Farming

If you enjoy farming, you can venture into tomato farming. You should take note that tomatoes are easier to grow by transplanting rather than planting by seeds.

83. Watermelon Farming

Watermelon farming is one of the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria. The watermelon is the most consumed fresh and soft fruits in Nigeria, and also very high in demand. The markets for watermelons are widely accepted for the supply of watermelons.

84. Cattle Farming

You can make money rearing cattles for their meats, hide, milks, hooves, cheese etc. Cattle farming is not common in most regions in Nigeria that rearing it is indeed a lucrative venture.

85. Groundnut Oil Production

When searching for business ideas in Nigeria, you should as well consider starting a groundnut oil production, groundnut oil business is a business investment opportunities one can consider investing his or her money.

86. Pepper Farming

Like any other Agricultural business, starting a pepper Farming has lots of benefits, you must be dedicated and serious for you to reap the reward (profits). So are you thinking of starting an agricultural business? What about considering pepper farming?

87. Walnut Farming

This might be the most ignored business in Nigeria, but when taken serious the profits are often huge. Walnuts are nut fruit which belongs to the family of “Jugland aceae”, they are very edible, rounded and on a seed in hard tusks which grows in walnut trees. Walnut farming is a long term business with huge potential profits.

88. Cocoa Farming

This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. Cocoa is to be known as one of the fastest selling agricultural products in Nigeria and in Africa.

You start expecting profits as soon as the cocoa tree planted reaches it maturity. Therefore, it can be a good agricultural opportunity for you to start a business.

89. Onions Farming

Nigeria is among the major producers of onions in the world. And partaking in this venture can also be profitable. Note that onions cannot be planted directly, you have to feel the nursery tray with manure soil and them in rows and 10cm apart.

You can as well transplant them after 15 days to the prepared ridges or heds. Follow the needed guideliness in order to set up an onion farm.

90. Animal Food Production

The animal feed production industry has been confirmed to be the most lucrative agricultural business idea in Nigeria.

All livestocks farms requires feeds for their feedings. Snails needs feeds, cattles needs feeds, goats needs feeds, pultry needs feeds. It is no longer a news that Animal feed production is a profitable venture for investment.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas In Nigeria

91. Ceramic Tiles Production

Are you looking for a small scale manufacturing ideas in Nigeria, Then you should consider starting a ceramic tiles production because the demand for quality tiles is on alarming rate.

92. Pipe Manufacturing Business

You can start a pipe manufacturing business on a small scale. The pipe materials are widely used for household and industrial activities. The Nigerian pipes market is growing at high rate due to much needs on infrastructural activities.

93. Interior designing

First learn about interior designing. Attending an interior designing school is very important for you. Or you can easily access some courses online. Interior designing is a trending business. You can start this business on a small scale and big.

94. Welding Business

A close look at the business structure around the environment, you will notice that, it is a thriving business in Nigeria.

Welding business has a high return on investment. Welding is known as a fabrication process that jions metallic materials together through the method of heating. You can’t start a welding business without first having the experience or knowledge of it.

95. Tissue production

This has to do with the manufacturing and producing of hygienic papers known as tissues. Tissue production is a long-term investment with high potential profits.

Small scale tissue production doesn’t directly involved in manufacturing process. They buy jumbo roles from large scale producers, then cut them down to regular sizes with automated marketed.

But it is strongly advisable to start a large scale tissue production for an encouraging profits.

96. Furniture making Business

If you are looking for a small scale manufacturing business that has the potential to generate profit in a short time, then consider starting a furniture making business. Almost every home in Nigeria have a price of furniture. This goes a long way to confirm that this is a lucrative venture.

97. Charcoal Making Business

Charcoal making business is still profitable. When it comes to starting a business in Nigeria, selling charcoal is probably the easiest idea you can consider. Before starting this kind of business, it is very important to conduct a market research to find out the competitions, the demand level and mostly, people who always buy them.

98. Chalk Production

There are rapid growth or increase in schools continuoesly in Nigeria, And there will always be need for chalks and too much that you can’t run out of profit when you get started. A chalk production doesn’t require huge capital to get started, And starting it is as easy as ABCD.

99. Toothpaste production

Toothpatse is one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria as it is essential for daily use. The market demand is high and there are lots of competition too. To start a toothpaste production business, you must need a detailed business plan to understand the possible results in the choosen business.

100. Paint Production Business

Paint production Business is among the top profitable business ideas in Nigeria, But very capital intensive. You have to learn everything and have the knowledge of paint production before joining the markets.


These are just the 100 business ideas in Nigeria which has the potential profits to offer when maintained well.

There are other thousands of business ideas in Nigeria that are worthy for investment. You have to be careful while selecting your choice of business.