10 Ways Of Reducing Over Exploitation Of The Environment

1. Environmental Education
There is high need to give Nigerians environmental education on how to reduce the risks and hazards of environmental pollution of the air, water and land. The Government should carry out environmental literacy campaign to the rural and urban area through the media hype so that the people should be aware of the need to protect our environment; also, environmental protection clubs should be formed in our educational institutions to create more awareness about environmental protection.
2. Training and development of adequate manpower and specialists on environmental resource management is very necessary. The purpose of the training will be for the beneficiaries to research on environmental problems and find solutions, teach and stimulate people to conserve the environment i.e. to protect the Environment from degradation and abuse.
3. There should be conservation of biological diversity through law enactment and policy making.
4. The demographic explosion and its impact on the environment, economic growth and food production should be seriously controlled through family health and reproduction programmers.
5. The enabling environment protection laws should be made and polluters should be made to respect the law on environmental protection. Any person who breached the law should be prosecuted without having “sacred cows”.
In other words, there should be effective enforcement of our environmental laws by the law enforcement agents, avoiding corruption in order to achieve the aim of the legislations.
6. Industries should modernize and maintain exciting facilities with best practicable and affordable technology in their operations.
7. Unhealthy and inappropriate agricultural practices should be discouraged i.e. avoid bush burning and use of chemical fertilizers. The use of chemicals for fishing should stop.
8. Gas flaring in the oil industries should stop and the gas should be converted to domestic use for cooking instead of using firewood, which has caused deforestation in many communities.
9. The use of petrol and diesel cars and power generators with incomplete combustion gases, smoking and making noise should be prohibited by the law and offenders prosecuted.
10. Tree planting exercise should be carried out vigorously by the individuals and government agencies like Agricultural Development Programmer and Environmental Protection Agency Officers.

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