10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Ethiopia

10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Ethiopia

What are the best Small Business Ideas And Opportunities In Ethiopia? What are the excellent and top business opportunities in Ethiopia For Ethiopians? In this Article, You will find out How.

African Countries, especially Ethiopia, are good places to set up a business. As a student, graduate, employed or unemployed, It is always advisable to have different income streams and business ideas that will be a backbone.

Unemployment will be reduced if Ethiopians are more Problem solvers (ENTREPRENEURS) Rather than problem creators; that’s the purpose of this Article.

Are you looking for a list of business opportunities in Ethiopia? Then you are at the right Article. Doing Business in Ethiopia will yield you profit. If you are Ethiopian planning to start a business in Ethiopia, Below are the 10 Small Scale Business Opportunities;

10 Ideas and Opportunities in Ethiopia


  • Diesel Supply

One of the most lucrative industries in Ethiopia is Oil and Gas. This Diesel Supply Business is lucrative and has many people making billions.

One of the most lucrative areas in the world is the oil and gas industry. It is a significant contributor to Ethiopia’s economic output and a critical factor in economic development. This industry is still a major source of income for the country. However, some people are creating interesting businesses out of it.

10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Gabon

Web browsing has become a daily habit for many people, whether for entertainment, Business, or education.

People with internet access spend hundreds of millions of hours each day. Others don’t have internet access but spend another hundred million hours at Cyber Cafe.

Up until now, operating a cyber café has been expensive.

Before you can talk about paying for bandwidth, you will need to invest heavily in broadband and buy large infrastructure.

  • Restaurant Business

Ethiopia’s restaurant industry has been making millions for decades. There will always be a demand for restaurants. This opportunity is available to you. Start your Ethiopian restaurant business today.

One of the most profitable start-ups is the Ethiopian restaurant business. This is due to the worldwide hunger for food. It’s a lucrative business that can be built and restructured and one of the most recession-proof business ideas.

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10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Gabon

  • Barbing Salon

The Barbing Salon Business is one of the most lucrative in Ethiopia. This Business is a lucrative one that has many people making millions and thousands of dollars.

One of the best business ideas is to open a barbing salon. This Business is both lucrative and fun.

A good barbershop will always be able to attract new customers, even during a recession. Human hair won’t stop growing because the economy is slowing down.

  • Hotel Business

Another lucrative business in Ethiopia is the hotel industry. This article will explain how to open a hotel in Ethiopia.

The hotel and hospitality industry is a lucrative one. You can get involved in it today.

A small hotel is a great way to start. It doesn’t need to be huge. Just a small lodge, beer parlor, and small restaurant.

Ethiopians love to spend much on merriment, good life, and entertainment. The hotel business is one way they can get that heavy spending.

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of human existence. It has supported mankind throughout the ages. It is the backbone of human survival – without it, there would be no food for us to eat or raw materials for different industrial uses. Agriculture allows us to produce enough food for ourselves as well as others. This will make us wealthy and prosperous.

Ethiopia’s agriculture is still a very lucrative source of income. This is due to the country’s abundance of farmable land and the increase in annual entrants. Due to the industry’s many benefits, the government took immediate action to offer several incentives to existing and new farmers.

According to some, man’s entire life revolves around agriculture and nature. Why do most people prefer to invest in services and products that are less sustainable?

  • GSM Recharge Card Business

Are you looking to start a profitable recharge card business in Ethiopia?

We are happy to inform you that the Recharge Card Business is a lucrative business opportunity in Ethiopia.

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It is important to note that the recharge card industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Gabon

  • Football Viewing Center

Start your football viewing center today and start making serious money.

Have you ever considered making a living from football fanaticism? A great group of football fanatics is available to assist you if yes.

You are just one step away from making money by supporting football. The next step is on good soil.

Fans gather in large numbers to support their team, and the gathering is not limited to the stadium. This is one of the most lucrative Businesses in Ethiopia.

  • Transportation Business

The age of entrepreneurship is upon us.

Everybody wants to be a self-employed person or have an additional source of income.

Transport business is one of the most popular business ideas in Ethiopia.

Why? It is simple: everyone in Ethiopia needs transportation.

Visualize the daily road traffic.

Many people use the road to commute between their homes and work.

Other people use transport to move goods between places.

We should also consider how many intercity trips are made each day. This Business is a success because of all of these factors.

To Start A Grocery Provision Store In Nigeria

  • Grocery Provision Store

It is a good idea to start a provision store, given how lucrative and profitable it can be.

Owning a shop or space to stock basic household products and other items is a business.

This Business involves purchasing goods in bulk at wholesale price and then selling them to customers at retail prices to make profits.

This Business is not very expensive. You will only be selling basic household goods cheaper than major supermarkets.


10 Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities In Ethiopia

10 Ethiopia Business Opportunities That Are Profitable

If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity in Ethiopia, this list of 10 business opportunities will help you find it.


The number of schools and colleges in Ethiopia is insufficient, given the nation’s demand. If you can start a standard school or college that can take care of the educational needs of the students who take the national exam every year, you can go ahead as this Business is very profitable.

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With the proper knowledge, running a poultry farm in

Ethiopia is very profitable, as seen by people already in the Business. A poultry farm requires that you gain enough knowledge before venturing into it.


You can start selling solar panels to engineers who fix them for individuals, or you can gain the knowledge and sell and fix them yourself. Acquiring the skills does not take time as it is not too technical.


It would help if you looked at doing this Business in a big way, not teaching yourself. Get some educated unemployed, trusted individuals to work under you, rendering this service to homes under your

company name. This will require you to register a company name and get an office.


The need to hit the road will always be there when they come of age. You can start a school that teaches people how to drive cars.


The choice of location will determine if this Business succeeds. You should choose a site with working-class people who don’t have time to do their laundry.


This Business will also require that you choose your location carefully if things work well.

Your customers will be car owners, so you should target where you have cars to set it up.


Though this will require you first to spend the time to gain the skill, if you get to do that, then you are good to start making money. It is not also capital intensive.


For an individual who wants to host some people for any event or party, the need to put everything in place and control is essential. You can fill in here and get paid for taking the burden.


You can bake a lot of foods for public consumption.

This Business will require skill and labor; it is also capital intensive so try to get significant capital before venturing into it.

These are the top 10 Ethiopia business opportunities that are very lucrative. Invest today and enjoy tomorrow!!!.

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