10 Low Cost Business Ideas In Zambia

There are so many profitable small business ideas in Zambia. Most Zambians tend to think that every business needs a huge amount of capital to start off and that is where they go wrong. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to
identify any loopholes in your area, Find the solutions, and make money. All you need is patience, give time to your business for growth and soon you will start making huge profits.
Low Cost Or Small Business Ideas & Opportunities In Zambia
Follow this article to find a low cost business ideas in zambia to help you make a living and sustain all your basic and secondary needs without a struggle. It will give you the available small business ideas to start in Zambia.
1. Wears Sales:
Wears are a basic need for everyone. It’s one of the small-scale businesses that have the capacity to take a huge growth in a few months. You can deal with trendy local or new clothes, bags, shoes, underwear, or perfume. You can specify on all the wears for ladies, kids, and men because of the tougher market. If you are determined you will find yourself
importing clothes from other countries like Dubai, India, and
2. Daycare Children Center:
Parents are running here and there to look for money to sustain their families. Why don’t you just decide to work from your home and take care of their kids? Relieving them, that burden is the business opportunity. Take good care of their kids with love and kindness and the business will grow to a point that you can rent a wider place and even employ juvenile girls and boys to help you take care of them at a lower cost.
3. Plantation Farm:
This business will be applicable to Zambians who own a small piece of land. There so many ways you can utilize your small lands such as starting crop cultivation, livestock keeping, or plantation farming. Having a mentality that only the village Zambian should invest in crop cultivation is a bad idea, everybody can invest in it and still prosper. You can grow cassava, orange, oil palm, plantain, or cocoa.
4. Manufacturing:
A small-scale manufacturing firm can be worked from a rented store, your own place, or an apartment. When some here of
manufacturing, all that comes up in their mind is a big industrial or manufacturing plant with expensive huge machines. You can venture into the small-scale manufacturing of matchsticks, cartons, serviette, candle, toothpick, paper bags, or nylons and still make money.
5. Management Of Waste:
Zambians may take it as a joke but trust me it is one of the best paying small-scale business in Zambia. You can engage in the disposal of waste, waste recycling, junk hauling,and production of organic fertilizer and still make a huge profit.
6. Computer Services:
The advanced technology is a good gap of opportunity to venture in by offering internet services to people. Open up a shop in Zambia where you can offer services like app development, online registration of exams, marketing digital services, and bulk SMS services.
7. Exportation of Agro-products:
With the many growing crops in Zambia, there is a sought-after market of raw materials required by other countries. You can find a business opportunity where you register for the export and import of Zambia promotion council. Specify on a product such as a chili pepper, gari, cocoa, yam, groundnuts, tomatoes, bitter kola, cashew nuts or kola nuts and help in the exportation.
8. Security Company:
Excellent and trusted security workers are sought-after by many Zambians. Spot that business opportunity and recruit security guards. Zambians will be relieved with finding trusted security guards and just hire from you.
9. Laundry Business:
People are making a huge amount of money with laundry and dry-cleaner small-scale business. The Zambians will need your services. That is a great business opportunity that needs a good starting point on your area.
10. Transportation:
Many Zambians who don’t own a personal car are there to help you grow your small-scale business. Render them transport service to their place of work, church, and school.
These are the low capital business ideas in Zambia that are profitable and lucrative.

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