10 Easy Profitable Businesses To Start In Uganda

Many people want to start profitable businesses in Uganda, and usually, people start small before developing into something great.

If you consider starting a business and maintaining it, then you have a great chance to make good money out of it.

In this article, we will list the easy successful small business ideas in Uganda which will help you to decide what you want to do, and how to do it most effectively.

Follow our pieces of advice and become wealthy in no time!
Perhaps you are searching for the opportunities to invest your money into, but since you have a limited amount of money, you want the success to be guaranteed? Maybe you want to find small business ideas in Uganda, which will grow fast? We assure you that this article is specifically for you and other people who are looking for the most creative small business ideas.

A lot of potential Ugandan entrepreneurs want to start a business in their own country and search for the most successful small business ideas in Uganda. There are, in fact, more lucrative business ideas than you can imagine.

Sometimes, you should put some effort into searching and dig deeper to find a niche that will satisfy you.

Easy Profitable Businesses To Start In Uganda

Here are some examples of new business ideas that you can start with average capital and make a profit! Learn what is the best business to start with little money, and try your hand at one of these.

1. Livestock Farming:

One of the fast business opportunities in Uganda is livestock farming. This industry is continuously emerging and is yet to discover its fullest potential.

This business can be started even in your backyard, provided that you know how to operate the equipment and take care of your livestock. For this business, you will need patience, knowledge, and experience. Some of the niche areas that you can venture into are catfish farming, poultry farming, cattle grazing, goat rearing, snail farming, and many others.

2. Exportation Of Agricultural Products:

Uganda is a country which is full of various natural resources and quality food. You can start your own exportation business, if you register with the Export Promotion Council of Uganda, and decide which specific product would be best for exporting. Some of the products that are in high demand abroad are cassava flakes, cocoa, yam flour, groundnut, chili pepper, cashew nuts, mango, and many others.

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If you for some reason do not want to get involved into exporting the agro-production abroad or have no capital for this, you can stay at the local level and sell your products on the territory of Uganda. You can earn a good profit by buying and reselling palm oil.

3. Mining:

Uganda is a very vibrant country when it comes to mineral. resources. Some of the minerals that our country is especially
rich in are coal, iron ore, limestone, bitumen, and others. The mining sector is growing in Uganda.

The government also supports the mining industry. So, if you have a good, trustworthy team, as well as the financial capabilities, you could try your luck in this sector.

4. Private Refinery Business:

The oil and gas sector is extremely prominent these days. All the most successful business people are involved in this sector and are making huge money off it. For instance, the wealthiest person in Africa, Aliko Dangote, is the oil and gas billionaire, and he raised $9 billion after setting up his refinery.

You could build a private refinery of your own; it is another business which is supported by the government and some of its decisions, including the fuel subsidy removal. If the refinery does not work for you, then perhaps you could invest in oil and gas business a different way – for example, start a filling station or kerosene depot. Or you could found a cooking gas retailing company.

There are plenty of possibilities for you to start small and then develop your business in the oil and gas sector.

5. Uniform Sewing:

If your hobby is sewing clothes, and you would not mind doing it for a living, then you should probably choose this business. There are plenty of schools in every state, and they all need uniforms for their students.

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Besides, there are also a lot of corporate organizations, whose employees also wear uniforms – for example, the security staff. And it is not all – the multiple military organizations require wearing uniforms, and since they have a lot of people involved in their activity, they always need new ones.

So, you can step up as someone who will sew the uniforms for people and organizations who need them. You can promote yourself as a supplier of uniforms, and make good money from this business.

6. A Writing Company:

Excellent writing is valued nowadays, and you can make some money if you take up freelance writing. At first, you will not even need the starting capital to begin your journey – the only things you will need are the skill and desire. You can search for the orders online, or write for a company which will want your texts.

The benefits of this job are countless, and the main one is: you will not have to go to the office or perform some hard work – it can be done at home from your laptop with a cup of coffee.

Later, when your business grows, you can hire other writers and start your little company. Writing content, especially of high quality, is in very high demand nowadays, and it is usually difficult to find the writers who will sacrifice themselves to this job. So, if you have a good skill and a way with words, this is a business for you.

7. Call Center Agency:

Call center business is very popular, because there are lots of people who need guidance, advice, or want to complain about services. Therefore, you can set up a call center agency, where you can work for large companies according to contracts.

This business will also not require substantial start-up capital unless you would like to hire more workers, which can be done later when you grow a little.

8. Recruitment Agency:

Uganda suffers from the problem of unemployment, and there are many people in desperate search for jobs. You can become a recruitment agent, which will connect people to the jobs of their dreams. All you need to do is to cooperate with different companies and recruit people for them.

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Your recruitment agency can grow and expand with time, as you make more and more profit. To succeed, you need to be good at finding the right people for specific jobs.

9. Importation Of Clothes:

If you think about the basic needs of every person, clothing is undoubtedly. one of them, because we wear them every day and are always in need of new ones. Many people not just wear clothes, but also like purchasing some cute accessories for them.

There is still a market for clothes, especially when they are trendy and at the same time not very expensive. You can set up the business of selling clothes to the clients.

Importing your clothing can be done from such countries as China, India, France, Italy, and many others. There is a trend of buying recycled clothes in Uganda due to the tough economy, so you should keep this in mind while doing this business.

10. Daycare Center:

The majority of families have children, but they also need to work hard to earn enough income to cover their expenses. Therefore, not every parent can allow themselves to spend time with their child. There are quite a lot of daycare centers, but not all of them are competent.

So, if you love children and are sure that you can care for them, you should consider setting up a daycare center.

For starting a successful business, the environment has to be suitable for children so that parents would trust you with their kids.

If you are creative in your approach to the youngsters and can create a good atmosphere for them, then you have a chance to make good money from this entrepreneurship.
Except that, it is possible to start it from home, as long as you think that your home would be a good starting place for the daycare center.

These are the 10 easy profitable businesses to start in Uganda, which you can try this year!!!

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